We are not them!

Don’t be afraid my love

Our story is different from theirs

The rain will tell you

that you are my passion

and then, the wind knows it too

Winter realizes how I love you

since the cold, makes me long for your warmth so,

And I know, love

how you stay up in your nights

the moon is my spy, you see

and he told yesterday

how in love you are with me

Don’t be afraid my love

Our story is different from theirs

We live because we love

because we are born in love

And I,

I could feel, your heart pulses

sneaking into my blood

and you,

you could feel me in your heart

setting fire, controlling the beats

you are mine , and I am yours

and tomorrow,

spring will blossom in our dreams

and the sun,

will send its warmth to ignite every hope

and life will always smile…

But in difficulties,

I promise,

In the middle of the rain

I will be there for you

to care and ease your pain

and we will grow stronger

because our love is true

so don’t worry about others, we are not them!

forget you fear, and allow me sir

to keep falling in love with you.


A Wedding In Wonderland!

Re-blogged from  Photo Nature Blog (http://photonatureblog.com/2012/01/13/snowy-river/)

Snowy River January 13, 2012

Last week my fellow blogger Photo Nature Blog posted this amazing photo on his blog. The first time I saw it I was speechless, for the first time in my life I wasn’t able to put two words together to give the talented photographer the complement he deserves. I commented on the photo by simply saying “speechless”, and felt that this word replaces thousands of complements!

But for some reason, I wasn’t able to delete the memory of this photo from my mind, nor to distract myself from thinking about it! That was weird to me since I’m not much of a snow person, I actually don’t like winter and can’t wait until spring replaces it! So why couldn’t I stop thinking about this precise photo? Well it’s simple “I was inspired”! Something inside my head kept shouting out, wanting to describe the beauty that this lens has captured, therefore I wrote:

My eager thoughts abandoned me , in a moment time has stopped!

Eyes wide open, I was looking around,

Is this a dream?

or a vision of what heaven might be?

Frozen beauty surrounding me, angel corals singing from above

Trees, just like shy brides, dressed in White!

I wonder where the groom might be

Nature is invited to witness this love,

Even the lake sang most beautifully

Snow fairies flying around, sending kisses of refreshing cold

Oh my!  how this cold feels warm inside, I’m beholding God’s touch of beauty

Blessed I felt, among Man, to be here on this glorious day

when winter weds this part of Earth, and grants thee such wonderful grace,

I wanted to skate, just like the whisperers of the elegant breathe

touching the surface of that fluffy crust with nothing but may bare feet!

I gaze around, in so much joy! “Oh winter! You talented painter you!

An artist!

What a wonderful piece work!

Have I fallen back in love with you?

Oh winter! You’ve awaken my soul, and the poet that has been sleeping for a while inside of me!

Oh Winter! Ever so slow in you reactions, oh how wise of you

to stop your journey and take your time and paint

the most beautiful painting I’ve seen!

With my feet dipped in snow, and my body shivering with that warming cold,

A snow fake lands on a tree branch next to me!

I reach for it, with a delicate hand

but something within awakens me!

Alas! I wasn’t in wonderland!

I was in a dream inside a photo

a talented photographer has captured this scene!

Alas! It felt so real though, that I’ll never forget this wedding celebration

When the trees, dressed in white, held hands with snow and said “I do” !

Soon you’ll be leaving on your honeymoon, As springs sets foot and replaces You!

A glimpse of life without you!

I opened my eyes and you weren’t there!

your part of the bed was empty,

Not a glimpse of your black hair

under that cozy blanky!

I missed the touch of your feet,

as they try to warm mine,

no noise was heard down street

And even the sun didn’t shine!

I felt as If time has stopped arround me

I searched for you,  your clothes were gone

What’s going on, how could this be!

“What is done cannot be undone!

A voice in my head declared!

My heart beating in fear, I Dialed your number

Biting my nails off, counting the seconds

“This number is not yet in service!” came the answer!

As if someone erased you from my life!

I was going mad, My breath became heavy

about to fall down to my knees,

your gentle touch shook me

Your tender voice ever so clear

woke me:

“Baby, you’re having a nightmare!

As If I haven’t seen you in so long,

I rushed eagerly to hug you,

you hugged back, but I held you strong

So close to my heart

A glimpse of how dark and lonely,

my life if you hadn’t been in it!

I don’t care if I have to stay awake

till the end of times,

I’m not having another dream without you!

Cheers My Love!

Cheers my love,

You had me smile again,

In the kindness of your heart

I found the cure of all my pain…

All the darkness of my past,

you wiped out…

You had me learn, that

every bitter night I once lived ,

every tear I once wept

Every day I spent before we met

were not a part of my life,

I now define “life”: the day I met you!

Cheers, raise your glass with me,

it’s a toast of gratitude that we’re in love,

It’s been a year since we joined our souls, and lives

I recap,

our smiles, our hugs,

our silly fights, our late night dinners,

my tears, and your soothing touch,

This year, like the one before,

you’re the best gift I ever got!

I pray that my gift will be the same next year, and for years to come,

Cheers my love!

you lighten my burdens, you brighten my days,

because of you I’m a happier woman,

in so many ways,

Let’s say our prayers,

and drink our wine,

It’s enough for me to know

that in this new year,

you’ll still be, All mine…


I’m Leaving, There’s no other way!

I’m leaving …

but will you hold me harder as we dance

The warmth of your perfume still runs through my veins

and this feeling of bitter happiness is smothering me

I wonder:

What If it was our last embrace

Once upon a time,

I was reborn from the ecstasy of your kiss

And once upon a time

I ‘ll give you my last breath

As we dance and dance in so much  grace

I wonder What if :

the Earth grows smaller than an orange

Won’t  I stay

Won’t we meet on the change of every night and day

a poor girl I am

always Wondering what if

I’m leaving soon

But only if you knew…

I don’t know from which port I shall depart

Or which destination Am I to seek

I’m heading towards a vague cliff

And All I know , My love , is:

”since the day I was lost In your kiss

I was reborn.”

I don’t know Where we met

and what was the shape of our lives before

I don’t remember how you held me so close to your ribs

and we became one

swaying  barefoot by that shore

In the ecstasy of that mania

All I recall is that

We died and we risen,  in a moment of passion

And I was lost In your kiss

Nothing else is appealing any more

It breaks my heart to say I’m leaving

As we dance again

I will whisper the words into your ears as I walk away,

I’m leaving, it’s not that simple, but there’s no other way.

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More Than Words Could Say!

I wonder how simple things could mean so much

How you changed the world around me in a touch

how an endless love is born from a simple crush!

How  one look from your eyes makes me blush

how u make my day better by a simple smile

the way you talk, the way you walk, all your style

It’s enough how easily you brighten up my day,

Do I love you

I love you more than words could say.


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And free I shall forever be…

Imagenever the wet grounds of winter or its cold heart be my home! I only live where the spring blossoms, for I to sleep in peace sheltered by those petals! It’s from happiness and sadness combined that I shall rise, for they are the components of life…I’m both Fire and water, and I shall need a companion of fire and water to understand the mysteries of my never-resting mind…An inspiration! Many pen holders said I was! A lot of poetry was written in my name, to describe the fascination of the beauty that god has put upon me, since my earliest womanhood…A tale that never ends… I keep my shadow high, and my pure soul forever innocent.  But danger, oh! that idea I never knew why it triggered my mind, For I like to walk upon the wind and prove that it could be done…an Inspiration I shall be not only to you, but to all those who like to watch from a near distance and envy my bravery! Don’t be upset my dearest one, I know at some point I’ll be looking for a peaceful l life as well…but until then, who’s gonna inspire me?

Pictures displayed on this blog are taken from Google, and  or from different sites. The writer of this blog, doesn’t claim any copyrights of the above pictures.