Something Personal!

I’m writing this post while lying on my back and holding my laptop upside down, so excuse me for all the typing mistakes I might be making.

July has been a tough and sad month in my family. Tomorrow is the last day of this month and I can’t explain how happy I’ll be to say goodbye July and welcome August.

At the beginning of July, I hurt my back badly while moving a sofa on my balcony. I can’t tell you how many times I have moved this sofa, but for some mysterious reason on that day ,moving it gave me a terrible pain in my back! I didn’t give it much thought, took a five minutes rest and then carried on my usual house chores. Two days later I was unable to move, every muscle in my body was hurting. My husband rushed me to the nearest hospital where the doctor asked for an x-ray of my back. He later told me that I’m suffering from disc!! He wrote a prescription and asked me to rest, and not lift more than 5 kilos.

A week later after taking the medication and resting, the pain only grew worst! I wasn’t able to walk, and my husband had to carry me around! We went to see a new doctor, who decided I had to take B 12 injections because my nerves were all swallow. He ordered me to complete rest for 8 days, and warned me that this was serious.

I was unable to carry my baby girl or take care of her, she would be crying in her bed and I would be crying in mine at the same time! My sister came to help, she was taking care of my baby and my husband of cooking. The house was a total mess, and I wasn’t able to hire anyone to clean up. why? Because suddenly, no one in Lebanon wants to work as a house keeper!

Two days after I started my injections, my husband came home early from work! His right hand all wrapped! He had an accident at work, an electrical appliance exploded while he was using it. And caused him a second degree burn! “Thank God you’re still alive !” that’s what the doctor said when he saw him!

Two weeks later, my husband’s hand is 70% better, thank god! And the doctor said within two months it will heal completely. As for me, the injections didn’t work and I’ve entered into a new cycle of therapy. This is my last chance of getting better, the doctor says! For one week I should lay on my back, and move only if I had to go to the restroom. Or else I will not be able to move without a wheelchair ,surgical operations are not very much advised , especially for someone young like me ,but we’ll see what happens.

My little girl crawls over to where I’m laying, she stands up with some help from my left hand. She puts her little head on my shoulder and closes her eyes. She makes me cry, I grab some chocolate chips from a bag beside me and feed her one by one. She claps her little hands and says “za2if” , which means clap in Lebanese, I taught her that before I got sick.

I wonder whether I’ll be able to hold her again, whether I’ll be able to take care of her again. I wonder whether I’ll be able to live a normal life again. I look at my husband, as he takes care of our little girl with his hand still wrapped and I’m thinking they both deserve better. But still, I thank god for everything, even the pain because it made me realize how lucky I was to be able to do the simplest thing like walking, and carrying my little one.

And I pray, that August will come with all the goodness in the world to my family, me and all those who need it, I pray for a healing for my pain and sickness and that one day I look back to this phase of my life and smile at the memory, and thank god for healing me.


14 thoughts on “Something Personal!

  1. Oh my you and ur husband have been thru too much but Inshallah (by God’s will) all will be well. 🙂 it sure can b frustrating when you are not even able to do the simplest of things that were so easy at first that we wud do them without a simple thought. soon u will b able to do it all again but yes u have to rest, back problems can get really back, ur lucky ur still young there are good chances of healing completely. and even when u can move around after a few weeks, give ur self a break and do not by any means do any heavy stuff. 🙂
    Will b praying for u and ur family, I havnt practiced reiki for a long time, will try and see if i can send u sum distant healing all the way from Pakistan 🙂
    all the best for the resting and getting better.

    • Thank you dear tya for your concern and sweet comment. Alhamdullelah I’m feeling much better. I guess that reiki traveled a long way from Pakistan to Lebanon and did a good job 🙂

      • hey hey look who is back 😀 yayyyy am soo happy that you are feeling better now Mashallah dats great 🙂
        Stay well and healthy now, hope ur hubby n the lil sweetheart are doing fine
        hugs for the lil one 🙂

  2. Salamtik habibiti, and salamet your hubby. Disc is a serious condition, my mother still suffers from it, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t get better. It might take some time, but inshallah it will get better. You’re still too young and strong, just give your body a chance. As for your husband and little princess they will be fine, and they’ll get you back soon. Don’t worry, after all we take care of each other, and I’m sure that b3eed el shar if something happened to anyone in your family you would be taking care of them too.

    Take it easy on yourself and get a lot of rest. If there’s anything I could do from across the world, let me know. Xoxo

    • Dearest resho thank you for the concern and support. And for keeping up with my health situation through facebook:) Thank God I’m feeling much better, as if nothing has happened. Thank you again, and looking forward to go through your recent posts once more!

  3. I am sad to hear what you are going through, don’t give up and believe that your back will get better, Do what the doctor says and just get pampered. Your little girl will notice and ajust to your state and will be giving you strength and the incentive to get better. Prayer is powerful and I wish you all the very best to get better. Will include you in my prayers!

    • Thank you dear for thinking about me and including me in your prayers! you’re right I believe in the healing power of prayer as well. I know it’s because of the positive energy that was sent towards me from people who prayed for me , that I’m healed 🙂 Bless you.

    • Your prayers were answered in my case my dear granbee, thank you for all the positive energy that you sent towards me. I’m feeling much better, thanks to all the prayers I received. Bless your good heart:)

  4. Dear God, please heal Rana’s back. Please, I pray for her to soon be well, and that soon her back is as good as before, like if nothing had happened. Please, dear God, listen to my prayer and to all those praying for her recovery. In the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen

    God bless you and your familly. Hugs

    • Hi Rana, how are you? I hope you are much better. Blessings to you and your family

    • Dearest your prayers gave me shivers:) I have healed and as if nothing has happened indeed! Thank you for your prayers and your good heart, and for all the positive energy that I received from you. After reading everybody’s prayers I feel so lucky to have had so many good hearts praying for my healing. I’ll be looking around your blog in a minute to see what you’ve been up to:) Bless you,

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