Needing your Advice my fellow bloggers

hello my fellow bloggers,

Today I’m seeking your advice, about the right publishing agency.

I want to publish my book, and can’t decide whether to go with self-publish or not, or which are the descent publishing houses that can advertise and sell my book without having me do this work?

I tried searching google, and the publishing industry doesn’t look so promising with all the scam out there,

I would very much appreciate your advice.


20 thoughts on “Needing your Advice my fellow bloggers

  1. So you finish your book… that’s great! Congratulations! I’m happy for you! I do not know much about it, but I think it would be better for you to do it with a publishing company since they will most likely edit your book, which might be a good thing. I wish you the best of luck!

      • Hi Rana! Actually I meant the other way. But that is just an opinion from what I have read. I hope you find the person that can really help you. Rana, I just read your reply to other comments. And I think that if you find the opportunity to be published in the Lebanon, that might just be a good first step into the Anglo-Saxon world. But that’s just another opinion. All the best

      • I mean, getting publish in the Lebanon might just be a good first step into anglophone countries; since your book is in English it will find its way into English-speaking countries. All the best 🙂

      • Hey Rana, I was reading KanaTyler’s blog when I saw this ad about being published, and I thought it might be of your interest. I already check it out and it seems legit. Here’s the link. Hope it is of any good to you.

  2. I myself am going with one of the smaller, regional publishing presses in the U.S. They and I will sort of share the advertising duties. If you already have a blog (which you do), a Facebook page(to which you will add an author’s page) and a Twitter account, you are already well on your way to advertising your work. Self-publishing (epublishing) is a good way to go for short works, I think. Look for those smaller indie presses, okay?

    • Oh thank you Dear Granbee, And you’re right I already have all three accounts, but the obstacle that I’m facing is my place of residence! I Live in Lebanon, but want to publish my book in USA( that’s been like a dream since I was just a kid!) , so you see I have no way of getting their and publicizing the book myself, and since it’s in English I don’t know if it will be a good read in the Arabic world.

  3. Rana, you can try (I did mine there originally) and they do a pretty good job. Should you want to market yourself, it will be a little more tricky. Nothing wrong with a few copies from blurb to hand out to friends (pretty cheap) and from there you can order more and do the self-publishing option. I printed around 100 copies and gave them away to book shops. They in-turn gave them to customers just to gain some traction. 100 units cost me around $295.00

    • Jack thank you for all your help, I took your advice and visited their website, the thing is that they don’t ship to where I live ( Lebanon) , And I checked for the prices, I think it’s a lot more expensive for people outside the country. I really need to know that after I print my book I’ll have someone to alt least take it to libraries in the US since I live abroad!! If you’ve got any new tips, I’m all ears 😀

      • I am happy to print/submit a proof for you, and then ship to you once it gets to me if you like? You could do a single copy to get a feel of what it looks like. Shout if you need some help

      • LOL! I don’t know why I laughed when I saw that sentence!I just imagined screaming out loud, Heeeeellllllllllllppppppp! Jack, wouldn’t that be to much to ask of you? I greatly appreciate it, you’ll be like my manager or something ( LOL).
        But seriously though, I love that idea! Thank you very much. And I’d love to send you a draft for a quick read, your opinion as a poet would mean a lot to me as well. I’ll be honored.

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