Her Identity says : MOM, nothing more!!!

Her Identity says : MOM, nothing more!!!.

Her hair is a mess, dressed in her pijamas still,

A mop in her hand cleaning the spilled milk cup, which lies on the kitchen floor

trying to to have time not to burn the eggs on the stove

running from room to room to get them dressed, wondering whether she was living a dream!

four little children making the biggest mess

school bus is almost there, and nothing as always is ready yet

No time to think about her sours , to time for herself!

She breathes in deep trying to control her rebellious nerves

she breathes out with a prayer: God give me the strength!

a few minutes later and they are on their way to school

the house suddenly empty! and the sound of silence gives her the chills

My mother drinks her cup of coffee and stares deep inside her soul

her identity is not clear to her anymore,

she only knows she’s a mother of four,

she thinks as she rests her aching feet,

she even forgets to answer to her name when she’s called

She’s used to being called: mom, and nothing more!

STOP!!!! 5 minutes already gone!!

I found out that my fellow blogger Colline has written a post for a weekly challenge, hosted by another fellow blogger, I like her post and the idea so much that I decided to participate!!!

(This post is written for the Five Minute Friday Challenge hosted by The Gypsy Mama. The main idea is for Participants to write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, and no looking back. This week’s Challenge is about: Identity)

7 thoughts on “Her Identity says : MOM, nothing more!!!

  1. Loved this Rana! This is exactly how I felt when my children were younger. It is only now thatI am beginning to hear the name I was given at birth!

  2. Wow, I like it very much. It reminds me of my mother. Just last month when she was here at my house, we were remembering when me and my three siblings were small; she never worried about her looks because there was no time nor money for that.

    • I’m glad you liked it Jenny, I guess this is the correct picture we keep in mind of our devoted and beloved mother’s (their selfless love and sacrifice) God bless your mom:)

  3. My friend from Christian Blessings,Steven Sawyer, participates in this Five Minute Friday challenge. Great going guys, And this one was perfect forleadup to Mother’s Day!

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