A random thought…

Everyday your ship drifts further,

away from my shores and into the wide open sea

I’m afraid, that one day you’ll decide to come back home,

but you won’t find me there…

16 thoughts on “A random thought…

  1. I like it! In my language there is a saying that is perfect for this poem. The translation would be something like this: Short but full of essence.

  2. You’ve said much with such economy of words – just the way I love it.

    Set me thinking Rana – the ship drifts away, but who is leaving whom…Hmmm…Like I said, you’ve said much.

    Peace, Eric

    • Dear Eric,
      You’re right, usually we stand on the shores waving goodbye to the departing ships of our beloved ones, but when the ship drifts slowly and we take the time to watch it without trying to stop it,then we’re both saying our goodbyes.

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