When An Angel Cries

A few days ago I decided to participate in Picture Worth Your Words Contest which was started by our fellow blogger Aisha: http://ashscrapyard.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/picture-worth-your-words-contest/ and as the contest requires I have chosen the picture which inspired me to write down the below short story. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my post as much as I enjoyed writing it as a part of the challenge!

She has been an angel for quite sometime now. But on that rainy winter morning she was particularly excited! She had been assigned as a guardian angel the night before. Her first real job since she passed away three years ago in a terrible car accident. Ever since she became a spirit! She was going to visit earth again, and this time for a noble mission!  Her real surprise was when the name of the person she will be guarding was announced! “Georges Smith”her husband in life for five years!  She hasn’t learned anything about Georges since she died, but she knows that he has suffered a lot, he has loved her more than anything in the world! From now on she will be with him all the time,  she promised to watch over his dreams, and protect his spirit as much as she can! Oh how she misses looking into his lovely green eyes!

She revised the information given to her, his current residence: New York City , Current status: widowed , Current job: recently unemployed, was dismissed from his work as a graphic designer for a major company due to the world-wide economical crises! Last Guardian angle: retired several weeks ago!

“Oh, my poor Georges, you’ve been unlucky lately ” She thought! “Funny! I used to think that female guardian angels guard females only!” She released a sigh lifting up her shoulders  “Oh well, I’ve  missed you more than you know, I’m just so happy I get to see you again!”

She spread  her wings, and left her heavenly residence! Holding her compass as she approached earth, she managed to locate Georges. But soon her excitement turned into frustration, as she caught a glimpse of him standing on the edge of a high bridge, above the sea. There he stood under the rain, with arms wide-spread and  eyes full of pain, he was trying to jump! “Oh no! He’s trying to kill himself!” She rushed to where he stood, “I have to stop him!” She thought “No one told me how to deal with this!”

“Forgive me Lord!” Georges said looking up towards the cloudy sky above “This life has been too much for my weak soul to bear, I’m in so much pain. Whenever I find a reason to laugh, destiny throws upon me a hundred reason to cry! I miss her so much, my life has been so vague since she left! I tried to get over the pain, I swear I did. I feel so lonely, as if I don’t belong to this earth. Accept my soul Lord, join me with her once again!”

“No Georges, don’t do this!” She screamed as high as she could, but she knew he couldn’t hear her “I feel I’m dying again!!”.  She was heart-broken, because she wasn’t able to grab his hand and pull him back. She wasn’t able to hug him and tell him that soon the sky will clear out, soon spring will be here and soon hope will blossom again in his heart , he only needs to believe! For that one second, she wished she could be human again! To do all these things and save him.

A tear escaped from her eyes, and rolled down her cheek “I thought angels can’t cry!” She held the tear on the tip of her finger, and looked sadly at the man she so honestly loved, he pushed down his weight making his last jump! A strong wind blew, in so much anger and the little tear became a wave, splashing in his face and throwing him back into the bridge! There she stood, she couldn’t believe her eyes! A miracle just happened, God has saved his life! She remembered what her late grandmother used to say “When an angel cries, a miracle happens!

There he was, lying down in the middle of the road, soaking wet as the wind blew harder and louder. “Georges” a worried voice down the road was calling, it was his mom, who has read his suicide note!

The innocent angel clapped her wings and drew a smile on her lips, as she watched his mother hug him and hammer him with kisses. The old woman and her son shed tears and hugged . The angel knew it was a part of what is going to be a long healing process. “Thank you God!!” she said looking up and smiling, “I better keep a close eye on him, he’s going to be a lot of trouble, but I sure don’t mind”!

31 thoughts on “When An Angel Cries

  1. awe :-O


    This story was amazing. I repeat AMAZING. It set me into the picture very slowly. First the plot of how the girl died, her new job, her husbands situation. Then the tide of emotions when they both feel helpless.

    She remembered what her late grandmother used to say “When an angel cries, a miracle happens!”

    That was such a beautiful fit into the concept.

    I also loved how you also added the touch of humor when she says, he is going to be in a lot of trouble. I assume its the same trouble I am thinking of when his mom would actually deal with him 🙂 , eh?

    Good Luck 🙂

    • Wow Aisha thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me, you have just made my day. I’m glad that you enjoyed it, hope the other contestants like it as well. And Yes his mom is gonna have a word or two with him. lol 🙂

  2. Really very impressive one dear. i liked the way you described each and every single detail of story’s plot and adjusted it into the picture’s scenario .Best of luck for the contest:-)

  3. I loved your story! You have carefully taken every fine detail from the picture to spin your story with lots of emotion ! Even i liked the grandmom’s touch to the story 🙂 Good Luck!

  4. Hi Rana, this is an amazing way to see the picture. You brought tears to my eyes and I had chills reading it. I LOVE the tear and the wave. That was awesome! I love the fact that he was looking up, talking to God and the angel was, as well. The conversation he had with God was bone chilling! I literally felt a coldness all around me.

    I like the angel discovering she was assigned to her husband (instead of just a citizen) and was able to read a report of her mission, to see his current status.The best parts were at the end. I was very impressed. You took us past the picture, to see the end result of him lying in the road, and she remembered to look up and Thank God. To me, that was giving extra. You have my vote! 🙂

    You have a very creative mind Rana. Well done, and I wish you the best of luck.

    • Thank you Christine!! Your words meant a lot to me, I
      m impressed by your interpretation and sincere interest in this story, I’m also very glad that you have enjoyed reading it, that’s what every writer seek to accomplish. Best of luck to you as well, I’ll be digging around your blog very soon to read a lot of your work.

  5. Rana, this is beautiful! How wonderful would it be to be around those we love when they need us most; and be able to do what Georges’s angel did. To me, your story is a beautiful description of the picture. God bless you and help you achieve all your goals!

    • My dear thank you so much, your encouragement is most appreciated! Yes how wonderful it would be if we could always be around in the right time to save those we love and give them a hand when they most need it! Thanks again for your words!

  6. Just WoW !!!
    Rana, your story is awesome Masha’Allah … I enjoyed reading it over and over 🙂
    It’s a different idea. How the girl died and became a Guardin Angel to her husband on earth!! And the notion “When an angel cries, a miracle happens!” was impressive 🙂

    All the best with the contest 🙂

    • Thank you Parry! I’m really touched by your nice words, and I appreciate your deep reading of my story. What I liked about Aisha’s contest is that I got to discover all the contestants wonderful blogs and talented writing! I’ll be visiting your blog and digging around in a minute 🙂 Thanks again and best of luck 🙂

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  8. an adorable story. just loved the beauty and warmth in every line. enjoyed it and adored it. came to your blog through Cristina’s and am glad that i did.

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    • Thanks a lot:) Yeah I love that title! I’m just glad of how much fun we had being in this contest and all the wonderful, talented bloggers we met! Congratulations yourself forThe Title for the “Best Reflection Of The Picture“! Well earned.

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