Today I’m Sad

Today I’m sad! As if my heart wanted to share the  whispers of the rain falling out side my window.  Sadness, This feeling inside that I try to avoid.  I learned to fight it as hard as I can, and I always declare its defeat as I succeed in putting back a smile on my face, and lighting up the hearts of the people around me.

But today, I have no strength to fight back! I sit silently by my window side, staring at the angry nature. I could almost feel the pain of the trees, as the wind viciously tears their leaves one by one!

I’m a person of joy, and hope! But today, I gave in to that little tear begging me to set it free, so it could run down my cheeks. Through my foggy eyes, I catch a glimpse of a stray cat, meowing in pain, calling for help, seeking a shelter from this upset storm. I wished I could offer her shelter for sometime, but as lightning filled up the sky I was distracted from my thoughts, and then thunder strikes!  It felt as If a dagger is stabbed into my heart! Someone I love is hurting, someone I love is in pain, and there’s nothing I can do to help! Destiny has been unfair to him! I wipe my tears, and look up into the skies, through the clouds my spirit flies and I hear myself saying out loud “: Oh forgive me Lord I know you shall comfort him, my merciful father forgive my earthly doubt. ”

I light a candle and place it beside the pictures of my beloved saints, “Dear lord ” I prayed “please ease his pain, grant him your justice, your protection is all he needs, accept my prayers my heavenly father, Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”Amen

The phone rings, interrupting the cruel silence that took over my house, once more I wipe my tears, clear my throat, draw a smile on my face and answer an eager friend with a fake pleasant voice.


8 thoughts on “Today I’m Sad

  1. Everyone has their sad days…its what makes us into stronger individuals. Sometimes we just need to release all the sadness through tears and afterwards we will feel much better. Beautiful description. I hope you are better by now. 🙂

  2. A very beautiful piece and sad, sad, sad. But yes, sometimes we need to let it all out so we can turn another page. Like maybe starting a fresh day. Tears are good. The clean out the soul. They do for me.

  3. So nicely and effortlessly put, felt every word of it, n some thing inside me shifted coz i can so relate to it all. all i will say is that there are very few people who are strong no matter how hurting they are, they will always show that they are happy. yet a tear or two helps ease that tension one feels in side and releases all that pressure that builds up in the chest every now n then. its totally normal and we need to learn to be not too hard on our selves, its ok to let our guards down and be weak at times:)

    • Dear Tya, Thank you so much for this heartfelt comment, I also can feel in your words how you relate to my post. And as you said, sometimes its OK for us to let our guards down, and be weak. After all we’re humans!
      Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to digging around your blog, hopefully soon. 🙂

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