I’m Leaving, There’s no other way!

I’m leaving …

but will you hold me harder as we dance

The warmth of your perfume still runs through my veins

and this feeling of bitter happiness is smothering me

I wonder:

What If it was our last embrace

Once upon a time,

I was reborn from the ecstasy of your kiss

And once upon a time

I ‘ll give you my last breath

As we dance and dance in so much  grace

I wonder What if :

the Earth grows smaller than an orange

Won’t  I stay

Won’t we meet on the change of every night and day

a poor girl I am

always Wondering what if

I’m leaving soon

But only if you knew…

I don’t know from which port I shall depart

Or which destination Am I to seek

I’m heading towards a vague cliff

And All I know , My love , is:

”since the day I was lost In your kiss

I was reborn.”

I don’t know Where we met

and what was the shape of our lives before

I don’t remember how you held me so close to your ribs

and we became one

swaying  barefoot by that shore

In the ecstasy of that mania

All I recall is that

We died and we risen,  in a moment of passion

And I was lost In your kiss

Nothing else is appealing any more

It breaks my heart to say I’m leaving

As we dance again

I will whisper the words into your ears as I walk away,

I’m leaving, it’s not that simple, but there’s no other way.

Pictures displayed on this blog are taken from Google, and  or from different sites. The writer of this blog, doesn’t claim any copyrights of the above pictures.


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