And free I shall forever be…

Imagenever the wet grounds of winter or its cold heart be my home! I only live where the spring blossoms, for I to sleep in peace sheltered by those petals! It’s from happiness and sadness combined that I shall rise, for they are the components of life…I’m both Fire and water, and I shall need a companion of fire and water to understand the mysteries of my never-resting mind…An inspiration! Many pen holders said I was! A lot of poetry was written in my name, to describe the fascination of the beauty that god has put upon me, since my earliest womanhood…A tale that never ends… I keep my shadow high, and my pure soul forever innocent.  But danger, oh! that idea I never knew why it triggered my mind, For I like to walk upon the wind and prove that it could be done…an Inspiration I shall be not only to you, but to all those who like to watch from a near distance and envy my bravery! Don’t be upset my dearest one, I know at some point I’ll be looking for a peaceful l life as well…but until then, who’s gonna inspire me?

Pictures displayed on this blog are taken from Google, and  or from different sites. The writer of this blog, doesn’t claim any copyrights of the above pictures.

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